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Motor Vehicle Collision / Wrongful Death
Gadsden County Case #05-631-CAB

Brown and Brown successfully recovered $2,250,000.00 for damages for our client, an expectant mother who was hit by a Mack dump truck while lawfully operating her vehicle. The driver that struck our client was in the scope of his employment with a construction company. Our client’s vehicle was completely smashed and her child was born prematurely a month later and died the same day, as a result of the trauma sustained by the mother. Our client continues to suffer from physical as well as emotional injury due to the collision.

Automobile/Truck Collision – 2008
Over $1,600,000.00

Brown and Brown successfully recovered over $1,600,000 in damages for our clients, a city council President and her husband, who collided into an overturned 18 wheeler (tractor-trailer truck). The front of our client’s vehicle was smashed causing the steering wheel to be torn from its collar. Our client suffered severe injuries requiring multiple surgeries.

Medical Malpractice / Nursing Home Liability
$1,500,000.00 Settlement

Our Firm and Co-Counsel successfully recovered a $1,500,000 settlement for our Gadsden County client. Our client, a father of two in his early forties at the time suffered from Stage 3 bedsores and malnutrition due to neglect from his medical care providers and the nursing home facility at which he resided. This case was settled prior to any trial.

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death
$1,350,000.00 Settlement
Leon County, Florida

Our Firm and Co-Counsel obtained a $1,350,000 settlement for the widow and two surviving children of a father and husband in his mid-thirties that died in Tallahassee, Florida. Our client was treated and released by his medical care providers and sought emergent care at least two (2) times from a medical care facility wherein he received treatment. Medical care providers who failed to diagnose a serious and fatal medical condition, Spinal Meningitis.

Railroad Negligence
Jackson County Case #01-710CA

Our Firm and Co-Counsel recovered over $1,300,000 for a client who was fifty-eight (58) years old at the time of the incident. Our client was mowing along the railroad track from Campbellton to Cottondale, Florida prior to his injury. After cutting around the railroad depot in Cottondale, he was run over when the tractor “jumped in gear” while standing next to it. Our firm was able to prove that the emergency/parking brake was inoperable, that the tractor was in disrepair, and that the railroad failed to properly train him to operate the tractor as required by Federal Railroad regulations under FRA §214. The plaintiff’s abdominal chest was torn open, split apart and crushed by the tractor. Over seven (7) years after the incident, the plaintiff is still under the care of a urologist and orthopedist as a result of his permanent and serious injuries. A week prior to trial commencing in Jackson County, the Defendant offered $1,300,000 to settle the claim.

Truck/FHP Motor Vehicle Collision
$1,000,000.00 Settlement
U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida
Case No. 5:2008CV285

Brown and Brown successfully recovered $1,000,000 for our clients, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper and his wife. Our client a FHP Trooper was rear-ended on I-10 while stopped on duty with lights flashing. Our client’s patrol vehicle back and center were completely smashed. Our client had to be transported by Medi-Vac air transport to the hospital. Although he suffered severe injuries to his left arm and shoulder, he was able to return back to duty as a FHP Trooper. Our client had been selected as Trooper of the Year in 2005.

Premise Liability / Negligent Security / Wrongful Death
$1,000,000.00 Settlement
Duval County Case #01-05576 CA

Our Firm and Co-Counsel were successful in obtaining a $1,000,000 settlement for the parents of a twenty (20) year old student who was fatally attacked by his former roommate. The settlement was secured from the large apartment complex in Jacksonville where he lived. The insurance carrier for the apartment complex settled after four days of trial in Duval county, just prior to counsel rest the Plaintiff’s case. The plaintiff’s apartment was directly across the street from the manager’s office. Defendant’s management failed to change the door locks to the plaintiff’s apartment as requested because his former roommate no longer resided at the apartment and had threatened to do bodily harm to the plaintiff. Due to Defendant’s negligent failure to provide security, the plaintiff was fatally attacked with a baseball bat by his former roommate. The fatal attack on the plaintiff was foreseeable.

Medical Negligence / Wrongful Death
$550,000.00 Settlement
Gadsden County, Florida

Brown and Brown obtained $550,000 for a nineteen (19) year old Gadsden County resident, for damages suffered when she was treated for stomach pain, abdominal cramps, nausea, chest discomfort and other symptoms but never diagnosed as pregnant. As a result, she received no prenatal care or any pregnancy diagnosis, despite presenting to the same series of medical care providers over an eight (8) month period with continued symptoms of vomiting, stomach pain, lower back pain, urinary urgency and inconsistent menstrual cycles. Our client subsequently presented to the emergency room wherein she was finally diagnosed as pregnant but due to an almost three (3) hour delay in performing a cesarean, despite obvious signs of fetal distress and the lack of prenatal care, our client’s daughter was delivered and then died less than twenty-four hours later due to severe anoxia.

Premise Liability / Negligent Security / Wrongful Death
Escambia County, Florida

Brown and Brown obtained a $440,000.00 settlement for the parents and surviving minor children (2) of our client, a twenty-four (24) year old man, a resident of Okaloosa County, Florida who was fatally stabbed outside of a business establishment. The business establishment was on notice, as a result of past violent occurrences, that they needed security to insure their customers’ safety. The business establishment failed to maintain adequate security and as a result, our client was fatally stabbed. Our client was not involved in the altercation, was in fact witnessed to have attempted to break up the fight. The settlement was tendered prior to trial.

Premise Liability/Falling Closet Doors
$303,870 – Obtained ($294,290.01 – Final Judgment)
Washington County Case #67-04-CA-544

Brown and Brown was successful in obtaining #294,290 final judgment with accrued interest for a total recovery of $303,870 for our client due to landlord’s negligent failure to maintain rental property in good repair. Our client was injured by two closet doors that had become inoperable and were removed and placed again the wall near the closet. The doors fell upon our client causing injuries to her knee, requiring surgery, and headaches.

Premise Liability / Fall From Roof
Bay County Case

Our Firm recovered $302,000 for a client who was struck by falling truss and knocked from a roof while working in Panama City, Florida. The client suffered a fractured disk at L1, a rib fracture, and other contusions and abrasions. His doctor performed an emergency surgical procedure called a laminectomy from T12 to L2 because of the fractured disk and contused, hemorrhagic and swollen nerve roots. The recovery was made from the homeowners’ insurance since they acted as the contractor for the remodeling job. Our firm is still seeking other sources for recovery on behalf of our client as the homeowners’ insurance policy limits.

Premise Liability / Negligent Supervision / Personal Injury
$300,000.00, structured settlement
Jefferson County, Monticello, Florida

Brown and Brown obtained a structured settlement of $300,000 for a three year old girl who was injured at a public youth center. Our client was underage for the program, per the facilities rules and regulations but was allowed to join anyway, as she had an older sister (13) in the program. The 13 year old was allowed to prepare soup, unsupervised, for her three year old sister. She heated the soup to an extreme temperature and the three year old suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns to her chest when the soup spilled on her. Our client suffered scarring, disfigurement and possible permanent loss of pigmentation to the burned portion of her chest.

Personal Injury / Sexual Assault
Harris County Texas Case #2003-18351

Our Firm along with Co-Counsel obtained a $300,000 settlement for a fifteen year old, minor female who was battered and sexually assaulted by a cab driver in Houston, Texas. The taxi cab driver picked up our minor client, against company policies, and when she was unable to tender payment, battered and sexually assaulted our client. The taxi cab driver was tried and convicted in a Texas court and subsequently sentenced to prison. Our client recovered $300,000 in settlement from the cab company, notwithstanding that the cab company and the driver claim he was an independent contractor which could have removed any liability from the cab company, if proven.

Motor Vehicle Collision
Gadsden County - Tallahassee, Florida

Brown and Brown obtained a $285,000 settlement for a forty-six year old man, whom was hit in the rear while in the course and scope of his employment. Our client (a propane delivery driver), was struck by the driver, of a commercial flatbed truck which smashed into the plaintiff from the rear. The plaintiff had pre-existing neck and back injuries (including disk bulges) which were exacerbated by the crash causing a disc herniation and forcing the plaintiff to undergo a surgical anterior discectomy including cervical fusion. Additionally the plaintiff also suffered disc bulges and bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as a result of the rear end accident.

Premise Liability / Assault
Gadsden County Case #98-0142 CAB

Our Firm obtained a $230,000 settlement for our Gadsden County client whom was assaulted by a clerk in a convenience store in Quincy, Florida. Our client, a 32 year old man at the time of the incident, was hit with a baseball bat by the store clerk and suffered a broken arm that necessitated a metal plate implantation to repair the fracture. Although the Plaintiff’s (our client) doctors said he suffered no permanent injury and could return to work with no restriction, we were still able to recover $230,000 in damages.

Premise Liability / Personal Injury
Leon County - Tallahassee, Florida

Brown and Brown recovered $200,000 for a premise liability action. Our client was a thirteen year old girl who was injured at a restaurant open to the public due to the establishment’s negligent and dangerous maintenance of their business. The restaurant maintained a feature which they knew attracted children and provided no safety features or safety restraints to prevent injury to the children and/or their customers. Our 13 year old, female client fell and was injured as a result of the business’ negligence. She suffered a fractured skull and had to undergo surgery to remove portions of her skull from her cranial cavity. Our client was left with a permanent scar on her face and a soft area on her head where the skull was removed.

Motor Vehicle Collision
Okaloosa County Case #2002-CA-002736-S-GRB

Brown and Brown obtained a $200,000.00 settlement from the insurance carrier prior to trial for our client, a twenty-nine year old woman injured in a motor vehicle collision which occurred in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Her vehicle was rendered a total loss in the accident which was caused by the authorized driver of a local dealer’s courtesy van. She suffered contusions and a hematoma to her right breast and neck pain. The hematoma later necessitated that the plaintiff have surgery approximately twelve months post MVA and the plaintiff suffered physical deformity, scarring and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result. Her doctor stated that she suffered no permanent injury as a result of the incident.

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