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Watch the Brown and Brown commercial spot below and see why we are "Committed to Helping the Injured."

Brown and Brown supports African American achievements thorought history. Listen below to great accoplishments by siginificant African-Americans

Blanche Kelso Bruce - First African American to serve a full term in the U.S. Senate

Barbara C. Jordan - First African American elected to the Texas Senate after Reconstruction

James Weldon Johnson - Poet, Activist and Author of "Lift Every Voice and Sing"

FAMU College of Law - Dec. 21, 1949, The Florida Board of Control authorized the FAMU College of Law

Ronald Harmon Brown - First African American to serve as the U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Patricia Roberts Harris - First African American woman to serve as a United States Ambassador

William T. Coleman, Jr. - 2nd African American to hold a presidential cabinet position

Sadie T. M. Alexander - First African American in the nation to get a Ph.D. in economics

James B. Parsons - First African American named to the U.S. District Court with life tenure

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